About Us

Gray Duck Clothing Co. is a brand inspired by the people and places of the great state of Minnesota. We are gritty, independent and love the ice - oh, and let's not forget, Minnesota Nice! You betcha! 

We differentiate ourselves by delivering a Minnesota Nice experience for all loyal Gray Duck customers. We always print on the highest quality shirts - super soft ring-spun cotton and blends, none of that scratchy stuff here! We want you to be comfortable in our shirts. No neck tags ever and our designs capture the best of Minnesota culture: fun, clever, sporty, ironic and edgy.

We want you to show pride in our state by rocking our gear. Support local? Us too! We collaborate with local artists on our designs. For every piece of apparel purchased, a local artist receives a royalty. For all of you creative types, send us your ideas - if we choose your design, you’ll be part of the Gray Duck family, with long-term perks! 
Like doing good, helping out others? You betcha we do! Look for our fund-raising projects to benefit different causes we care about. We’ve even been known to unexpectedly make donations to organizations our Gray Ducks care about in their name! Pretty cool if you ask us.                                                         
Come join the Gray Duck movement; it's great to be a Gray Duck!